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Trustus debuts 'Sex on Sunday'

This year, the Trustus Theatre has featured iconic plays such as "The Rocky Horror Show," festive holiday performances such as "The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical" and even a musical comedy interpretation of the cult classic film "Grey Gardens." 

However, the latest installment at Trustus, "Sex on Sunday," explores modern themes through sex — something that is still often considered culturally taboo. "Sex on Sunday" is a social comedy about an assertive dominatrix trying to fit in with conservative neighbors. 

It made its Trustus debut July 7 and, according to Trustus artistic director Chad Henderson, has been met with a warm audience response so far.

"Our audience have been laughing out loud and enjoying a bawdy play that no other theatre in town could get away with producing," Henderson said.  "Trustus is a safe place for the exploration of the personal and political, and this show fits the bill. People are having a great time, and telling their friends not to miss it," he continued.

The play was written by Chisa Hutchinson, an accomplished playwright and graduate of Tisch School of the Arts.

"Her plays are topical, they examine social issues, and the characters are incredibly relatable. I had the opportunity to read some of Chisa’s work after requesting it from her directly, and I felt that SEX ON SUNDAY would be a great summer fit for our intimate 50-seat Side Door Theatre. It examines taboos and the masks we wear in public and private. It’s also a story about how chaos can ensue when the public and the private collide," Henderson wrote in an email.

'Sex on Sunday' addresses topics including desires, fetishes and taboos in relation to how they shape societal norms. Henderson noted that although the play might appear to be slightly outlandish, it is ultimately one that audiences can relate to.

"This show presents real people dealing with real conflict. It’s a rom-com at times, which also makes it easily digested," Henderson said.

After a sold-out weekend, "Sex on Sunday" will continue at Trustus through Sunday. Tickets can be purchased online or at the box office.

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