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As much as we'd all love to believe it, there are no lifehacks to having the body you want (if you haven't heard that before, sorry to drop the bomb on you). So if you're reading this to learn a quick and easy way to drop 'x' amount of pounds, kindly stop reading.

What this is designed to do is help you find and make a lifestyle change that is right for you — meaning the permanent changes you make will continue to make you happy for the rest of your life. And yes, in a way, that can result in aesthetic changes that may even feel easier to achieve than you expect if you're used to a '10-day diet' fix.

When I first began intentionally eating and living healthy, I emailed back and forth with a personal trainer who sent me weekly workouts, recipes and encouragement. With her help, my determination, a lot of sacrifice and adjustment, I followed a strict diet and workout plan and I lost weight.

Now, fours years and many life changes later, I've realized that being skinny isn't all it's talked up to be. Everyone has a personal level of sacrifice they're willing to make to obtain the lifestyle they feel comfortable in. And if yours isn't the same as the toned "gym bunnies” on Instagram, that's okay.

What I mean by that is not everyone has the same definition of beauty — and that's a good thing because everyone is different! In conjunction with this, people also have different levels of tolerance for change in their lives. For example, I might be willing to make a change in my lifestyle by waking up early to run 5 miles 5 days a week. My brother works 10 hour days and already wakes up at 5 a.m. — if he made these same changes he could perform poorly at his job, and the time it would take to adjust to such a change in schedule would be enough time for a work accident to occur.

So another lifestyle change may be better for my brother than it is for me and vice versa. There are always options — small ways to make your life healthier — you just have to look for them.

The goal of this blog is to offer recommendations of how to make your life healthier, while keeping in mind the same methods don't work for everyone. It's only by finding the changes that are possible in your lifestyle that you can make a lasting lifestyle impact on your health.

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