The Bullet Journal Experiment

A month later: The pros and cons

One month later — a busy, crazy, rollercoaster of a month — and the bullet journal experiment isn't quite an experiment anymore. I would instead call it a success.AdvantagesThe most helpful part of the bullet journal is its flexibility; every week, month or even day can be personalized to your needs. After the first week, I pretty much figured out a weekly layout that's worked for me: horizontal days from Sunday to Saturday with space to plan ahead for the next week.Some bullet journals ...

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Getting Started: Doodles and don'ts

A planner is an important investment. For some, their planner is their lifeline, the only place that's organized in  a whirlwind of a life. Balancing classes, work or internships, organizations and a social life is a crazy endeavor, and if you're anything like I am, you might find it difficult to do so without the help of to-do lists, Post It notes and hastily scribbled reminders. But the perfect planner is impossible to find. For me, it's always the days or months are too small or there ...

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