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Students Xingze Zhao and Xinyu Zhang perform "The left-hand points at the moon," a traditional Chinese dance.

USC celebrates multiculturalism with first International Student Showcase

The University of South Carolina International Student Association hosted it's first International Student Showcase on Friday. Adapted from a previous and similar event, World Night, this showcase is one of many initiatives USC's International Student Services offers to create a more diverse and inclusive campus. 

 Wearing lace bralettes became a popular trend within the last four years and can be styled in a variety of ways, one being under thrifted sweaters with baggy pants and a belt.

Four years of fashion — a never-ending cycle

Fashion trends have drastically changed from 2017 to now, yet trends from 30 years ago are still being brought back. USC students reflect on the trends they wore four years ago and discuss the upcoming trends being worn today.