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Sustainable Carolina ambushes recyclers with applause

Sustainable Carolina members sat on the Russell House patio Wednesday afternoon and cheered for students who decided to recycle. Inspired by a YouTube video, the organization took a bottle and placed it by a recycling bin on the patio. “We really weren’t sure how long it would take because we got the idea from YouTube and it took them a while,” said fourth-year political science student Caroline Mullis. It took only 30 seconds for the first person to come by and pick up the bottle and toss it in the bin. The student only smiled as a group of Sustainable Carolina members surrounded him wearing red shirts applauding his deed. The project was repeated twice with run times of two minutes and a minute and a half. Each time, the recycler was rewarded with applause from the surrounding crowd. A part of Earth Day, the entire premise of the event was to enhance awareness about recycling. This comes not too long after the “Caught Green handed” campaign where Sustainable Carolina rewarded those who were caught on campus recycling with coupons that they had on hand. Footage of the event will be available on the Sustainable Carolina Facebook page.