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Nation needs to stay strong for Boston victims

Bond of community can overpower acts of terror The strength of community and the tenacious nature of the human spirit are perhaps best reflected by a marathon, where strangers from around the world cheer on other strangers who have expended so much effort to accomplish a feat they probably initially considered impossible.

SC must put citizens, future of state over interests of corporations

Solar energy bill good for state’s future, economy South Carolina’s Congress is not exactly known for being progressive, so it was not entirely unexpected when a bill was shot down in February which would have allowed non-utility parties (that is, anyone other than SCE&G or Duke Energy) to install solar panels.

Rapid aid at marathon inspiring

The tragic events at the Boston Marathon Monday shook the entire nation and the world. The marathon, which runs every year on a state holiday, brings tens of thousands of people together in the city to cheer on their friends and family.

Supply of USC classes should match demand

Surveying in advance could solve shortage The University of South Carolina prides itself on being the state of South Carolina’s flagship university, providing more than 30,000 students with the tools they need to succeed in college and in life. However, recently one problem came to the surface and manifested itself during registration week.

‘Stop and frisk’ an unfair policy

NYPD practice wasteful, harms minorities The New York City Police Department currently has a policy allowing its officers to “stop, question and frisk” anyone they deem suspicious without a warrant.