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Letter to the Editor: To better university, channel Carolinian Creed

While I will always support the inalienable rights that all people have to express their views and opinions, I also recognize that sometimes those expressions can be hurtful, divisive and inconsistent with building and sustaining an environment that honors and respects every person in our university family and community.

Miley Cyrus unfairly criticized after V.M.A.s

MTV held its annual Video Music Awards Sunday, despite the deliciously ironic fact that there hasn’t been a music video among their volumes of teen-oriented, melodramatic, campy and trite reality television in years. Personal ire for MTV aside, the award show was viewed by over 10 million people — impressive for cable.

In Our Opinion: Holistic focus necessary to aid homeless

City council’s plan to solve the homelessness problem through eviction isn’t much of a plan at all. As Columbia begins to enjoy a long-awaited and much-needed surge in development and vibrancy downtown, the city finds itself tested by a homelessness problem that’s risen in notoriety in recent weeks. The city’s response to the growing concern that Columbia is becoming a “magnet for homeless people” isn’t much of a solution at all.

Letter to the editor: Distinct evidence for homosexuality

Being gay isn’t a choice, much like any other core characteristic. I’d like to respond to Aaron McDuffie’s and Mark Peter’s entries in the Daily Gamecock in reference to the article “Supreme Court does not ‘invent’ new minorities”, and the response following.