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Column: A TikTok ban at USC would be pointless

As state legislators crack down on TikTok, universities have started to ban the usage of the app on their Wi-Fi to protect against potential data breaches. However,  this ban is not entirely effective and if USC were to ban TikTok, it would only create more problems for students and faculty.

Column: The concept of the 'freshman 15' is problematic

The phrase "freshman 15" has been used for decades to characterize the so-called inevitable weight gain that freshmen get when they enter college. The phrase creates weight stigma and makes it seem like that weight gain is bad, when in reality weight change is a normal a part of development. 

Column: 'Me time' is important

Having alone time or "me time" benefits everyone's mental and physical health. Without it, we aren't able to function in a way that is beneficial to ourselves and others. 

Sydney Dunlap, the editor-in-chief of The Daily Gamecock, poses on the horseshoe on Feb. 24, 2023. Dunlap is diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. 

Letter from the editor: No one is 'normal'

The Daily Gamecock's 2023 Editor-in-Chief Sydney Dunlap reflects on her anxiety diagnosis and what it means to be "normal." "I’m learning that asking for an extension on a stressful deadline or needing to take time for myself doesn’t make me less — it makes me human," Dunlap writes. 

Column: Going out is fun, so do it in a safe way

Students should not be fearful to go out in Columbia, but it is important to take steps to protect yourself. USCPD encourages students to familiarize themselves with campus resources as well as plan out the night ahead of time.