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In this new Uncovered report, Mold U puts a spotlight the growing problems of toxic mold in college and university residence halls.

A team of reporters spent four months sifting through nearly 4,000 pages of mold-related documents to identify mold cases. They interviewed dozens of students, experts and school officials.

This work fell under the umbrella of Uncovered, a statewide collaboration led by The Post and Courier. Uncovered’s goal is to explore questionable government conduct and issues while supporting community news organizations amid a growing landscape of news deserts.

MOLD U: Toxic mold is making college miserable for thousands in SC, across the nation

South Carolina college students faced at least 2,400 possible cases of mold in their dorms during the past two years, a crush of complaints and repairs that highlight a growing local and national problem: college living spaces that make students sick.

In complaint after complaint, students said moldy dorms triggered asthma attacks and allergies, a new Post and Courier-led Uncovered investigation found.

Students said they found mold on their desks, mattresses, couches and even their hats. They watched mushrooms sprout from baseboards and over their heads. They opened air vents and discovered filters and grates caked with black fungi.