Whenever I get bored, or when eduroam isn't working, I love scrolling through my camera roll.

I think that the pictures are my version of a personal scrapbook, except it doesn't just include the images that are good enough to print. There are lots of blurry photos and pictures I would never want anyone to see. That camera roll contains photos from my formal right next to screenshots of homework that made me cry.

But being able to scroll past months, semesters and years in a few swipes puts everything in perspective.

The screenshots of slides from class remind me of everything I've learned this year and the many things I've overcome. The 0.5 pictures bring back memories of spending nights with my friends — talking and laughing until the early hours of the morning.

As the school year comes to an end, I encourage you to look back at your camera roll. Play back those videos of you screaming louder than the music or jumping in the fountain, and remember how USC helped you find your best friends or passion.

For the pictures that may bring bad memories, take them as a reminder of how this year, or the past four years, have helped you grow.

Here's to adding more pictures to your scrapbook, and all of the incredible things to come.

Go Gamecocks,

Sydney Dunlap