When I think back on my time in college so far, it's the individual memories that come to mind. 

They're memories of walking to Willy-B to watch our team lose in 90 degree heat, of traveling to Tennessee for a mountain weekend, of eating lunch in Honeycomb Cafe with my freshman year roommates. 

Though these small memories don't cross my mind everyday, when my friends and I begin our stories with "Remember when ..." I know I'm in for a good laugh. 

And those small memories are what make our time at USC so special. On a campus with more than 40,000 students, faculty and staff, each of us have individual experiences that we will take with us when we leave. 

To the class of 2022: Here is a collection of memories from the last four years. From our sports teams' wins and losses, to four years of eating and drinking trends, to improvements on campus — we hope you can take these snapshots of your time with you as you move onto your next step. 

You've endured heartbreaking challenges like surviving a pandemic disrupting how you thought your college career would go and enduring the pain of losing some of your fellow students. 

But you made it through, and we know you'll continue to grow long after you've left Columbia. 

For now, remember our women's basketball team winning the 2022 national championship, experiencing the 2018 and 2019 "hurrications" and playing in the snow on the Horseshoe. 

Our "Remember when ..." moments deserved to be cherished. And there are always more to come.