PHOTOS: Tattoos connect new generation to key values, body positivity

Fourth-year English student Syd Sandford is one of many in her generation that uses tattoos as a form of self expression. She carries on her skin a permanent collection of ink that ties her to family, friends and herself, that not only connect Sandford to her key life values, but help her love the woman she sees in the mirror each day. 

Column: The concept of the 'freshman 15' is problematic

The phrase "freshman 15" has been used for decades to characterize the so-called inevitable weight gain that freshmen get when they enter college. The phrase creates weight stigma and makes it seem like that weight gain is bad, when in reality weight change is a normal a part of development. 

Column: 'Me time' is important

Having alone time or "me time" benefits everyone's mental and physical health. Without it, we aren't able to function in a way that is beneficial to ourselves and others. 

Column: COVID-19 had a lasting impact on students' mental health

COVID-19 has had a lasting impact on students' mental health, such as an increase in feelings of stress, anxiety and loneliness. The pandemic also gave students time to focus on themselves and what works best for them, creating a better overall routine for them as students.