Darby Hallman

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Weird Stories: Back In Black

04/02/2017 10:30pm

The latest development in the great petty war between two British artists for the blackest black paint in the world just happened, and things might be looking up for Semple's goal to #ShareTheBlack.

'Death Note' is perfect gateway anime

03/27/2017 10:24am

Netflix announced a live-action version of Death Note set to release in August, but A&C Editor Darby Hallman suggests you watch the anime first.

Column: Thank you, Colin Moriarty

03/15/2017 5:29pm

Colin Moriarty is leaving Kinda Funny to start a new chapter in his life, and A&C Editor Darby Hallman takes a moment to thank him for everything he has done.

Greensky Bluegrass speaks about career, upcoming show

03/27/2017 3:24pm

Michigan-based band Greensky Bluegrass is performing at the Columbia Music Farm this Thursday, March 9. Read what the band's banjo player, Michael Arlen Bont had to say to The Daily Gamecock.

Weird Stories: Life beyond the cave

02/05/2017 1:05pm

Workers in Romania stumbled upon a cave while checking the ground for a power plant. Little did they know they know, this cave had been undisturbed for 5.5 million years and they were walking into a dark pit crawling with life.

Column: We need fewer games

01/29/2017 10:36pm

The mobile and PC gaming markets are flooded with a staggering amount of games, many of which are incredibly low quality,  which a consumer must sift through to find what he or she wants. Now, the historically tight console markets are starting to go down the same path.

Weird Stories: Eat more Skittles

01/27/2017 7:42am

Thousands of Skittles were discovered on a highway in Wisconsin last week, and the story escalates from there. Spoiler alert: it involves cows. 

Column: Nintendo walking on thin ice

01/22/2017 10:59pm

There are high stakes involved with Nintendo's upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch, and so far the company hasn't done a wonderful job at establishing their place in the market.