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FILE — The University of South Carolina's student section spins rally towels as "Sandstorm" plays over the loudspeakers on Oct. 29, 2022. The Gamecocks lost to the University of Missouri Tigers 23-10.

Column: Seniors should savor the 2023 football season

Heading into the 2023 season, Gamecock football fans already have a lot to be excited about after two ranked wins to end 2022. But for USC's senior class, the season marks a final chance to be a college student after years of setbacks and limitations.

Sydney Dunlap, The editor-in-chief of The Daily Gamecock, poses with her managing editors, Will Kronsberg and Kate Robins on Monday, Aug. 21. Dunlap is starting her second semester as the paper's editor-in-chief.

Letter from the editor: Look for consistency in times of change

The Daily Gamecock's 2023 Editor-in-Chief Sydney Dunlap reevaluates change as a new school year begins. "So this year, as all the changes start to feel overwhelming, I plan to take a step back and remember how I’m still loved, seen and supported, even if it looks different," Dunlap writes.

Column: We must end racial stereotypes

Every racial, ethnic and cultural group, particularly those classified as people of color are commonly subjected to dangerous and discriminatory stereotypes. If these stereotypes are maintained and continuously pushed, we will continue to live in a society where people make assumptions about you before getting to know you.