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Guest column: Student Body President Reedy Newton reflects on semester

"In my capacity as Student Body President, I have been advocating for academic advising, mental health, parking and an expanded student union," Student Body President Reedy Newton writes. "While I know that I or Student Government are not going to single handedly fix all of these issues, I believe collectively that we have made some significant progress in these areas." 

The rear entrance of The Retreat located off Zion Rd. A piece of metal is hanging off the gate in the path of vehicles.

Column: USC should be more involved in off-campus housing safety

Over the past year crime has increased in multiple off-campus housing neighborhoods, such as increase in car jacks and multiple shootings. The university continues to promote these off-campus housing without informing students about safety issues or using university resources to try and make a plan for these issues. 

An exterior view of the South Quad dormitory building located on the campus of the University of South Carolina. South Quad is one of many on-campus housing options for students.

Column: USC needs to improve its housing accommodations

Because there isn't enough housing on campus for all first-year students and the upperclassmen who requested to live on campus, some first-year students temporarily lived in hotels, and others are squeezing two people into dorms originally built for one person. Being away from home for the first time is already burdensome, but making students deal with stressful living situations makes the burden worse.