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Our Mission

As the student-journalists on the staff of The Daily Gamecock, the editorially independent student newspaper at the University of South Carolina, we hold several responsibilities:

  • To report any and all news that affects USC and Columbia in a timely fashion.
  • To represent the voices of the community fairly in our reporting, as well as in the opinion section of the newspaper and website.
  • To strive for ultimate accuracy in our work; to own up to mistakes when we're wrong and continue to pursue journalistic excellence. 
  • To practice journalism in a professional and education environment and recruit and train interested incoming students.
  • To adhere to the ethical standards of The Daily Gamecock and Society of Professional Journalists in order to maintain a tradition of fairness and excellence.
  • To take risks; to make decisions in the best interest of the publication; to give readers the best product, both online and in print, that we can give them every day of the week.

Opinion Policy

Opinions expressed in The Daily Gamecock are those of the editors or author and not those of the University of South Carolina. Unsigned editorials represent the majority opinion of the editorial board and are the official opinion of the newspaper.

Other Organization Policies

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