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Playlist: Messy, but in a cool indie way

Do you ever want to revel in the post-ironic enjoyment of mustaches and low-rise skinny jeans? While these 2013 era indie sleaze songs may be outdated for some, they are ahead of their time for others.  

Journalist Mandy Matney gives insight into her personal and journalistic journey covering the Murdaugh murders during a USC event on Nov. 13, 2023. Matney is now the CEO of her own company, a podcast creator and an author.

Podcast host, journalist reflects on covering the Murdaugh trials

The College of Information and Communications hosted Mandy Matney for “An Evening of True Sunlight with Mandy Matney” at the Joseph F. Rice School of Law on Monday. Matney discussed her process for writing the book, "Blood On Their Hands: Murder, Corruption, and the Fall of the Murdaugh Dynasty," and the process that led to breaking the case.

A dill pickle pizza goes goes into the oven before being cooked for 20 minutes on Oct. 29, 2023. Arts and culture writer Jamie Alatzas shares a recipe for the new South Carolina State Fair favorite.

Recipe: Dill pickle pizza

The South Carolina State Fair brought back plenty of classic foods this October, but one new item stood out among fair-goers — dill pickle pizza. For those who may have missed the fair or simply are just craving its pizza, here is a recipe to help satisfy those pickle cravings.