Nick Sembrat

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Column: Listen to opinions you disagree with

07/05/2017 6:31pm

Limiting yourself to opinions and political discourse that never challenge your previously held beliefs is a disservice to the importance of the First Amendment.

Column: Kale — it can kale you

01/25/2017 8:03pm

Kale is a so-called healthy "superfood," but in the large quantities it is being consumed, it can be poisonous.

Column: Keep an eye on Congress

01/08/2017 9:39pm

Republicans' aborted move to destroy OCE must teach us a lesson on keeping our representatives accountable.

Column: Large franchises can be detrimental to film

11/27/2016 8:38pm

Many modern films are parts of larger franchises that connect various plotlines and stories together, creating an environment that can set limitations on the creativity of film-makers.

Column: Columbia no Silicon Valley

10/19/2016 7:35pm

For a number of reasons, it's unlikely that Columbia, or most other cities in the U.S., will become the next Silicon Valley.