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Reel Talk: On the state of streaming

09/24/2017 7:42pm

Most of us in 2017 digitally stream our content options, and many of us have cut the cord on cable TV in favor of the ease of Netflix or another streaming platform. But what happens when one user must subscribe to multiple streaming services to access diverse content?

Reel talk: A reflection on David Lynch's "Twin Peaks"

09/04/2017 6:51pm

“Twin Peaks” does not limit evil to those that are evil, and this is what many viewers think makes the show so extraordinary. The finale of "Twin Peaks" aired on Sunday, and it may be the last episode of the entire series. 

Reel Talk: "Atomic Blonde"

07/25/2017 8:25pm

Before heading to the theater, check out what we have to say about David Leitch’s new secret agent thriller “Atomic Blonde.”

Spotlight Director: Stanley Kubrick

08/22/2016 10:38am

Stanley Kubrick is one of the world's most famous and talented filmmakers. Here are four films that capture the essence of Kubrick and that provide movie-lovers with the perfect sampler of the director's work.

Back-to-school event calendar

08/27/2016 3:09pm

Whether you are new to campus or a returning student, Columbia often has an overwhelming amount of events going on. Here are a highlighted few that should be worth your time this semester.

College cinema: 4 flicks for students

08/17/2016 6:46pm

We all know and love high school films such as “The Breakfast Club” and “High School Musical.” However, after the transition from 12th­-grader to undergrad, relatable college films can be hard to find. Here are four classic co­ed films to which all students can relate.

Students can escape crowds in local quiet spots

08/17/2016 4:14pm

Finding a quiet place to study or hang out can be difficult around the bustling campus of USC. Here are four spots that will help you escape the usual noise and unwind from the cheerful, yet crowded USC campus.

Nickelodeon appeals to diverse audience with fall event lineup

08/12/2016 2:46am

This fall, the Nickelodeon Theatre will offer more than screenings of newly ­released films to USC students and other Columbia residents. The theater will share with audiences a number of events, including a new political film series and a festival honoring female filmmakers of color.

Road Tripping: Pawleys Island, SC

06/15/2016 12:20am

Find refuge in the quiet beach town of Pawleys Island in South Carolina with calming beaches and shops with a small town feel.