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SG cab service making progress

SG cab service makes progress

With Ebbie Yazdani’s presidency winding down, legislation enactment, for a student taxicab service, is on the rise. The proposed public taxicab service will run within a 5-mile radius of campus, unlike Cocky’s Caravan, which ran on one set route. The taxi service will also run Friday and Saturday nights from 10 p.m. until 3 a.m. Contracts are currently pending for local cab services willing to combine an affordable cost with the maximum number of buses for students.

Though Cocky’s Caravan continues to serve as nighttime transportation for students, student ridership has not convinced senators that the service is worth the cost.

“We have the donations to make this work,” said Sen. Katie Thompson. “We’re not going to make the same mistakes as Cocky’s Caravan.”

Yazdani said the technicalities of the taxicab service are still in the works, but funding will come from the increased student activity fee included in their tuition, allowing students free rides.

“It’s not a day away; we have accounts that need to be set up. We have to compare cab companies, and we don’t want students to have to wait more than 10 minutes for a bus,” said Yazdani. “We’re keeping out options open to {whichever company} has the lowest bid and meets students’ needs the best. We also don’t want to cut Cocky’s Caravan too early, but we’re hoping for this to begin by the end of this semester.”

Student Body Vice President Taylor Cain said she is ecstatic for the legislation to pass, not only for the students’ benefit, but for the sake of her long-term campaign for the taxicab service.

“We campaign on this every year. It’s going to happen, and I think it’s closer now than ever,” Cain said. “We’ve received a huge amount of response from students, and it’s something they actually care about.”

Regardless of upcoming elections, Yazdani and Cain agree the legislation will not be affected by those voted into office.

“We’re not checking out,” said Yazdani. “There is nothing else we’re focused on.”