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Starbucks drink size intrigues students

Trenta comes to SC Tuesday, brings mixed reactions


The Starbucks corporation will introduce a new size to its menu, one that will trump the 20-ounce Venti. The 31-ounce Trenta, Italian for 30, was originally introduced at the Phoenix and Tampa Starbucks locations. Customers there received the new size well, so starting next Tuesday, it will be available in 14 select states, including South Carolina. The rest of the country will have to wait until May for their colossal iced coffee. With the new size, Starbucks Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz hopes to compete with the size and cost of McDonald's iced tea.

There have been both positive and negative responses to the new drink size. Some students feel like the bigger size will be too much to handle.

"I probably wouldn't try it. I can barely finish a tall," third-year early childhood education student Christina Clark said.

Some students feel the drink may be accepted by other students.

"It's too huge for me, but I bet there are some people who will drink it," said first-year nursing student Mary Neill Watson.

Along with the size, there have been questions about the cost of this new drink. Even though the Trenta is about 11 ounces bigger than the Venti, it will only cost 50 cents more and will only be available in iced drinks. But the price may not be an issue.

"It's not about the cost of things; it's about customer service. We treat them well, and they keep coming back regardless of how much it costs," a Colloquium Cafe Starbucks employee said.