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After shots of liquor, easy trivia becomes difficult

SGTV show features tipsy students struggling to answer simple questions

What’s the title of the most recently released Harry Potter book?

What oil company tarnished the Gulf Coast in 2010?

For a college student, these are likely easy to answer.

But what if you threw back a few beers or an Everclear slushie? Or chugged a kamikaze shot and an Irish car bomb?

Would you still know the answers?

You can surely find out playing “Tipsy Trivia.”

The SGTV show — a sloppy mixture of trivia and intoxication set in front of the Five Points Fountain — has left plenty of students both regretting and remembering what they did the night before. Co-creators Krista Bagley and Laura Kuhen, both fourth-year broadcast journalism students, ask random students simple trivia questions during the wee hours of Friday morning at least twice a month.

“We’ll tell people we remember, ‘Hey, you were on our show,’ and they’ll have no idea what we were talking about,” Bagley said. “They’ll look it up the next day and text us and tell us how hysterical it was.”

The show started last year, and it’s picked up somewhat of a following online. This week is a special promotional blitz for the show, and the show’s creators are holding a viewing party tonight in the second-floor lobby of the Russell House at 8 p.m.. There will be a “field trip” downtown Friday.

So what’s a top moment for the fledgling show?

Kuhen couldn’t decide.

“Every time we film a new one and we’re editing, we’re like, ‘This is our favorite episode yet,’” Kuhen said.