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Covered mirrors meant to encourage reflection

Body Image Week starts with ‘Mirrorless Monday’

Students walked into bathrooms around campus on Monday to find mirrors covered and short notes taped up.

Monday was the first day of Carolina Beautiful Week, USC’s version of the International Body Image Awareness Week. Spearheaded by Student Health Services, the week of events is sponsored by Campus Wellness, Changing Carolina, Campus Recreation, Athletics, Women’s Student Services, Russell House and Carolina Productions.

“Mirrorless Monday” was the kickoff for the week. Mirrors in several buildings on campus were covered with paper in an attempt to change students’ focuses from their appearances.

“The aspect behind it is to have people focus on more important things in life,” said Kristen Tice, a representative for Student Health Services.

“I think it’s awesome,” said first-year biology student Teryl Lowry.

While Lowry knew about the event before entering the bathroom, Rachael Foust, an undeclared first-year student, was surprised.

“I didn’t understand why the mirror was covered up. I thought maintenance was being done,” Foust said.

But once the message was explained, Foust got the picture, or lack thereof.

“I think it’s a cool idea,” she said. “The media nowadays puts so much focus on physical appearance. It’s nice to take a break from it.”

Events will continue throughout the week. There will be a spokesperson for Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty speaking on Tuesday, a “skinny” jeans drive on Wednesday with proceeds benefitting Revente’s Last Call and an Eating Disorder Panel Discussion on Thursday, at which three students will discuss their struggles with eating disorders and answer audience questions.

For more information on events call 803-777-8530 or visit