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Kazi, Wright enter runoff for SG president

Student body president results came in an hour later than expected due to a computer malfunction.

For those wanting a final answer, the wait will last another week.

In a four-way race for student body president, Joe Wright and Rohail Kazi garnered the most votes and will face each other in a runoff next week. Wright came in first with 953 votes, or 29.4 percent of the vote. Kazi finished with 880 votes, or 27.1 percent. Steve Vereen and James Strickland were eliminated from the race.

“I won the first round, but now it’s time to kick it in high gear,” Wright said. “Tonight’s for celebration. But after that, we’re not stopping.”

Kazi said the results were “a testament to the hard work [his] campaign has put in.”

Only 3,245 voted in this year’s election — a drop of almost 1,000 voters from 2010. SG Elections Commissioner Laurel Parker attributed the low turnout to a clean race.

“It was very respectable, and it’s sad, but a lot of students want scandal,” Parker said. “That drives more people to vote.”

Vereen and Strickland took different approaches to the loss. Vereen shook his head and incredulously stared at the results for almost a minute.

“Wow. I’m shocked,” Vereen said. “I thought I was going to win the damn thing.”

Vereen said he wouldn’t be running for another office. He lost a bid for vice president in 2010.

“What else is there to run for?” he asked.

Strickland said he hopes to work with the next student body president and serve on SG’s cabinet.

Students will vote again on VIP Tuesday and Wednesday. Wright and Kazi can spend an additional $500 in the runoff, and the results will be announced next Wednesday night in the Russell House third-floor lobby.


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