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Off-campus card could come true

Wright, Kazi express different views on plan

Student Government officials say taking the CarolinaCard off campus is closer than ever.

The current proposal, which would go into effect in Fall 2011, would allow the card to be used at certain businesses that don’t compete with Sodexo, said Student Body President Ebbie Yazdani. It’s been reviewed by a committee of faculty, staff and students. The university’s senior administration is working on logistics of making the off-campus proposal happen, Yazdani said.

He said the plan would allow Carolina Cash to be used at grocery stores, gas stations and other non-competing businesses.

“Right now we want to make certain that students raise awareness about the move. We want parents writing letters to local newspapers to get the word out,” he said. “Just SG doing proposals about it is not enough, and we need student support.”

The two candidates for student body president have differing opinions on immediately taking the CarolinaCard off campus, a long-awaited initiative that has been discussed for years in SG.

Joe Wright said he agrees with having an off-campus option for the CarolinaCard, but that by taking the it off campus Sodexo’s revenue will drop and meal plan prices will dramatically increase. Before considering taking the card off campus, Wright said he wants to improve USC’s relationship with Sodexo.

“I think it would be helpful for places like CVS, Publix and local grocery stores and gas stations, but we have to be careful,” Wright said. “I think we’re closer than ever, but we need to re-evaluate the way we’re looking at it. Do we really have the money right now?”

Rohail Kazi, who was not on Student Senate when the CarolinaCard movement was established, said he heard a majority of students have wanted this initiative finalized for some time now and is looking forward to making progress.