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SG leaders fight for funds across state

South Carolina Higher Education Rally planned for Feb. 15 at Statehouse

Student government leaders from the University of South Carolina, Clemson University and College of Charleston are collaborating to fight for more state budget allocations toward higher education.

South Carolina is set to face a budget deficit of more than $800 million this year, and funds set aside for colleges and universities could be the lowest in decades.

“We’re tired of being the butt of every joke,” said Student Government Sen. John Cuenin in reference to South Carolina. “We want everything that is tied to this state to prosper. This is just one step in the right direction.”

To gain student and political support, there will be a student lobbying day in front of the Statehouse Feb. 15 for students to voice concerns and opinions as to how Gov. Nikki Haley should fund public universities. The event, called the South Carolina Higher Education Rally, has been advertised on Facebook and has over 250 guests attending. Cuenin said at SG meeting’s Wednesday night that students need to be as much of a part of this as possible.

“If we don’t have student support, than we basically don’t get anything done,” he said. “Everyone is conscious about tuition rising. It is our goal to ensure that it doesn’t.”