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SG senators propose removing limits on campaign spending

Thompson plans on reducing frequency of Senate meetings

With a new face to the student body, SG is anticipating an upheaval from the inside out.

A bill to repeal the $1,000 campaign spending limit implemented during last year’s election, along with the proposal of an additional $500 in the event of a runoff, was proposed in Wednesday night’s Student Government meeting by Sens. Justin Cromer and Anna Hecksher. The legislation will improve voter turnout and encourage more students to run, Cromer said.

“Either the amount needs to be upped, or there needs to be no more spending limits,” said Cromer. “I think it limits us and is running strictly on an honor policy, which puts a burden on the elections commission.”

In addition to the spending limits, Cromer said there were fewer candidates than last year, and the election date change to Tuesday and Wednesday from Monday and Tuesday affected the race.

“People who are usually in chapter meetings before just forgot,” Cromer said.

If passed, the legislation will take affect next election season.

Student Body Vice President-elect Katie Thompson said she plans to change weekly Student Senate meetings to biweekly sessions, require all committees to separately meet during regularly scheduled Senate sessions and allow any senator to join the academics committee, regardless of his or her presence on a delegation chair.

Thompson said she hopes these amendments will open communication among senators and create more substance within the meetings.

“I think this will make senators be more inclined to show up and become more active,” Thompson said.