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100 Columbia students pose for Playboy

‘Girls of SEC’ tour visits Columbia for casting call

Easter came about a month early Monday night for a handful of USC female students, who became potential bunnies when Playboy made its selections for USC’s contingent of the October “Girls of SEC” issue.

The two-day casting call brought about 100 girls, said Jared Ryder, a senior producer for Playboy.

“[We choose] between one to six for each school,” Ryder said. “So [the odds are] 1 to 6 percent. It’s better than the lottery but not by much.”

The girls who were selected were informed Monday night. As for who will actually be featured in the magazine, Ryder said those girls will find out at a later date.

“October is when the issue drops,” Ryder said. “Some of the girls are flown to [Los Angeles] to take more photos, and from there they can go on to grow with Playboy.”

He said some become Playmates, actresses, TV hosts and even Playmate of the Year.

For the casting process, bikini-clad girls came in, filled out the necessary paperwork and then took a photograph holding up their names in front of them on a piece of paper. Then they posed for a full-length profile picture.

“South Carolina has some of the most attractive women in the Southeastern Conference. They have a class that’s hard to find,” Ryder said.


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