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Farmers market returns to USC

Healthy Carolina-sponsored event brings local vendors back to Greene Street

Warm weather welcomed the Healthy Carolina Farmers Market as it returned to Greene Street Tuesday afternoon.

Co-sponsored by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, the market hosted more than a dozen local vendors, including The Peanut Man, Becky’s Soap Shoppe and Hanna Farms from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m outside Russell House. Vendors sold items ranging from popcorn to eggs, but tables weren’t just limited to food.

Healthy Carolina graduate assistant Violet Beets promoted the Fitness Buddies, Lactation Support and Get Yourself Tested programs by giving out pamphlets and selling Healthy Carolina tote bags. She is pleased the farmers market has returned for the remainder of the semester.

“I always consider it a successful event, and we’ve had a good traffic flow today. It’s great that people, staff and students can come and do their thing,” Beets said. “We have a lot of support for expecting USC families on campus and we just give some information on how to navigate the process.”

Representatives for the Green Quad Learning Community and the USC Department of Campus Recreation also attended to promote their programs and hand out informational pamphlets.

15-year-old Kaylyn Hanna coordinated her table for her family’s business Hanna Farms, located in Ridgeway, S.C., which produces their own eggs, honey, chicken and rabbit meat. Hanna said her family sells to several different markets, including one in Blythewood.

“We have our own chickens, rabbits, goats, ducks and pigs on our farm,” she said. “Usually the eggs, which we sell for $3 a dozen, and honey are our most successful products. All of our eggs are free range and contain no hormones.”

Third-year sports and entertainment management student Scott Shinbaum said he stopped by after class around 1 p.m. to purchase some fresh and healthy produce that he does not usually have access to off-campus.

“I bought a couple of apples, two for $1, which I think is a good price,” Shinbaum said. “I went [to the farmers market] last year when I lived on campus but now that I don’t [live on campus], it’s harder to ... get good fruit, so I’m glad we have this.”

Fourth-year marketing student Mary Tablac said she is a fan of the farmers market but would like to see some improvements.

“I love the farmers market, especially for stuff for students. I bought Mrs. Pastides’ grits last year and they were pretty good,” Tablac said. “I think the prices are sometimes a little expensive for a student budget, and I wish we could pay ... with Carolina Cash or with tickets like they do for Relay for Life.”

The next farmers market will be held March 29th and will continue every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Greene Street.