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SGTV launches new website

Online venue to broadcast SGTV's variety of hsows including 'Tipsy Trivia'

In celebration of the launch of its new website Monday, Student Gamecock Television has dubbed this week SGTV Week.

Members of the Student Media organization will be on Greene Street and the first floor of the Russell House Wednesday to promote the website with prizes, giveaways and contests.

"We had a website before, and it wasn't all that great, and this website will give us a lot more opportunities to show off all our work," said Jenni Knight, the assistant station manager and a second-year broadcast journalism student. "We put in on channel 4 on campus, but that's really limited because only campus people can watch it."

SGTV, which launched in 1995, is the newest of the four Student Media organizations. Knight said it began with one person with one camera and has expanded since.

Knight is the co-producer of "Talk of the Town," a biweekly entertainment news show that features segments on movies, local bands, cooking, celebrity visitors, gossip, fashion and more. The station also features "Capital City Sports," the program upon which the station was originally founded.

"We cover most of the major sports. If it's a slow week we'll get out to what we can," said Paul Critzman III, a "Capital City Sports" staff member and first-year broadcast journalism student. "We have a boardroom segment that deals with the big topic of the week; it kind of has the analytical part, not just your scores."

The station also features "SGTV News 4," a developing hard news show, and the infamous "Tipsy Trivia," on which SGTV members pose questions to highly intoxicated Five Points patrons. A new sitcom called "The Joe Show" is in development. "Skitzophrenia," the station's award-winning and

"Tosh.0"-featured entertainment show, is ending this year upon the graduation of creators Joey Thompson, a fourth-year media arts student, and Fabio Frey, a fourth-year management student.