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Confrontation between fraternity members closes NPHC step show

The music was shut off at the National Pan-Hellenic Council’s Yard Show Thursday evening after an altercation occurred between members of two fraternities.

According to several members of the crowd on the Russell House Patio, who originally came to see the step show but excitedly gathered to see the conflict, no blows were exchanged. But even though the music was shut off around 6 p.m. and the crowd was encouraged to disperse, the area didn’t clear until after 7:30.

“In the past, we’d just turn the sprinklers on,” said Jerry Brewer, USC’s associate vice president for Student Affairs, who supervised the crowd with two police officers. “That was more of a ’70s thing.”

Brewer said he didn’t know what action would be taken against those responsible for the altercation, but he pointed to a security camera and said the whole incident had been recorded.


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