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Small actions, positive attitudes around campus make USC appeal to visitors

5,800 prospective students and parents are currently scheduled to tour our beautiful campus this month to determine whether the university that we have come to know and love is the place where they will choose to spend their collegiate career. As a University Ambassador, I am often told by parents and students how important the campus visit is in the decision-making process. Sure, parents and students care about the rigor of our curriculum and the reputation of our academic programs. But more often than not, the final decision regarding where to go to school usually comes down to one question: How does USC make me feel?


As University Ambassadors, we can give great tours and really try to persuade students that USC is an exceptional university, but there are a few things that we can’t do:

We can’t be the only ones smiling at visitors and then talk at length about the beauty of southern hospitality. That’s where you come in. Be welcoming, say hi and show off that southern hospitality that makes South Carolina so unique.

We can’t be helpful to everyone everywhere. When you see a family holding a map or standing at the map over near Gibbes Green or in front of the Russell House, thank them for visiting and offer to see if you can help them; we promise they’re not just looking at the maps because they’re pretty.

We can’t pick up every piece of trash left on our sidewalks or on the floors of our buildings. If you see a Daily Gamecock just lying around, pick it up and put it in the recycling bin. Our campus will be a bit more beautiful because of your actions.

We can’t control everything our visitors hear while on campus, but all of us can think twice before yelling obscenities or talking loudly about what it is we did last night in Five Points.

We are asking for your help. Please partner with us to ensure that the best and brightest have the best time while they’re on our campus.

So, the next time you see a large group of people walking around campus with an Ambassador, say hi and smile, but please, whatever you do, don’t ride your bike or skate right through our tour.

You could cause the next Gamecock to become a Tiger instead.