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USC student saves drowning child

Second-year English student Brogan Goodrich rescued a 6-year-old boy Saturday at the Bridges of Summerville community pool.

Goodrich said she was exiting the pool when she heard screams from the opposite side. She turned around and saw a boy floating face down in the pool.

During the time it took Goodrich to make her way to the other side of the pool, the child had been helped out of the water. Goodrich, who currently works at Whirlin’ Waters Adventure Park within Wannamaker County Park and has to watch over the safety of children frequently, immediately began to put her four years of lifeguard experience into action. She moved everyone away from the area and checked for a pulse as well as breathing, but since neither was present she proceeded to conduct CPR. After 30 chest compressions, the child threw up water and began to breathe.

Though the boy’s mother could not speak English, but Goodrich was able to speak with her through the help of a bystander who translated. Since the child could speak English, Goodrich spoke with him to ensure that he was alright and stayed with him until the paramedics arrived.

“At one point, even though there was a language barrier, his mom reached over and grabbed my leg and managed to say thank you,” Goodrich said.

Goodrich went on to explain that she rescues people daily but this was her first time putting her CPR training to work.

“I’ve been swimming my entire life and being a life guard is just a natural thing,” she said.