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Away football game ticket sales announced

Extra 1,000 seats for home games reserved for students

USC’s Student Ticketing has announced the sale of tickets for away games of the 2011 football season. According to Adrienne White, the coordinator of Student Ticketing, students may purchase tickets to any or all of the five away games on Friday, Aug. 26, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the box office of the Colonial Life Arena.

“When students go to pay, they can pick the ticket up then,” White said. “They don’t have to go back and get it later or pick it up at ‘will call.’”

Students must use their student identification to purchase only one ticket per game. Students must pay face value for every ticket as there is no student discount, and Carolina Cash will not be accepted as a form of payment. White said the prices of the tickets are determined by the various universities and compare similarly to the prices last year.

“I suggest that if students want to sit with their friends that they arrive together at the box office to purchase tickets because there is assigned seating,” White said.

The Carolina Convoy, an initiative started by Student Government, will travel this year to the Tennessee game in Knoxville on Oct. 29.

“Carolina Convoy gives the opportunity to 100 students to go to an away game,” said SG Treasurer Emily Supil. “This year, it’s $100 for students, which covers the ticket to the game, transportation on two charter buses and T-shirts and food.”

Supil is in charge of financing the trips and the bus service and is currently working with SG Secretary of Athletics Colleen Ryan on organization.

“It’s a really fun time and a really easy, efficient way for students to see an away game,” Ryan said. “I went last year whenever we played Auburn. They dropped us off around two hours before kickoff, so we were able to tailgate with each other, and as soon as the game was over, we got back on the bus and back to campus.”

Both Supil and Ryan expect all 100 tickets available to sell out, as they did last year. Tickets for the Carolina Convoy will be on sale from Oct. 10 to 12 in the Student Life Center in the Russell House.

Home game tickets will be available to students through the same TicketReturn process as last season. According to White, every home game is on a Saturday, so the ticket request period will take place online on Monday and Tuesday during the week of the game.

The claim period takes place Wednesday and Thursday, and whatever tickets aren’t claimed during this 48-hour period are placed into the on-demand period. Home game tickets are free for students, included the activity fee.

Student Ticketing has also allocated an additional 1,000 seats for students in the upper deck of Williams-Brice Stadium, section 501, for home games this football season.

According to White, if all 10,000 tickets available to students for home games are requested and claimed through TicketReturn, the extra 1,000 will be put up for the on-demand period and can be printed off then.


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