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Eclectic cast, talented USC alumni retell classic tale

Stepsisters shine in Workshop’s ‘Cinderella’

The lines were only the beginning of the "Stepsisters' Lament" from Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Cinderella" that saw Smith and Elissa Horell (playing Portia, the other stepsister) counting their losses to the belle of the ball, Cinderella, played by third-year international studies and theatre student, Sirena Dib. The dynamic between the two kept the audience chuckling and was one of the stronger components of the production.

"This one is pretty straight forward and true to the time period," said the production's director and USC alumna Elisabeth Heard. "I wanted to present it as true to script as possible."

Originally written for television in 1957, the script proved to still be an accessible version of Heard's favorite musical from childhood. The production was Heard's directorial debut at Workshop Theatre.

The plot of the production ran along the same lines as most "Cinderella" stories: Cinderella, who has been sentenced to a life of cleaning for her stepsisters and stepmother, finds herself alone one night as everyone goes off to a royal ball in hopes of the prince falling in love with them. While in the presence of her godmother, who is actually a fairy, she makes an "Impossible" wish — that mice will turn to horses and a pumpkin into a carriage — and after a bit of persistence, Fairy Godmother grants her wish.

After 10 minutes of dancing, the Cinderella and the Prince, played by recent USC alumnus Kendrick Marion, leave the festivities to profess their adoration of each other. At this moment, the midnight deadline imposed by Fairy Godmother arises and Cinderella flees, leaving behind the lone slipper the Prince uses to find her.

The cast was a mix of ages and a mix of talent. While some characters seemed to steal the spotlight, as Portia did with animated facial features even while only dancing in the ballroom scenes, others seemed not as equipped for the stage. It was in vocal ability that the largest disparity was shown.

Even with that, the production was a solid effort. With fairly quick scene changes and a bit of crowd interaction, the show is definitely family-friendly.
Cinderella will play at Workshop Theatre until July 30. You may call 803-799-6551, visit the box office or visit the website at for tickets.


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