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WUSC upgrades system

AudioVault improves student radio station’s programming.

WUSC is installing new software aimed at streamlining its electronic libraries.

On Monday, WUSC began the installation of the new AudioVault system, AV Flex.

“This software puts USC on the cutting edge,” said David Brodie, the representative from Broadcast Electronics who installed the software. “There are only about two handfuls of stations that use this software now; it’s brand new.”

To listeners there won’t be much change to the WUSC experience, but for the DJs, there will be a considerable amount of simplification in day-to-day operations.

“Everything we’re doing now is allowing the machines to do more, and requiring the DJs to do less,” said fourth-year journalism student William Flourance, who is the current station manager of WUSC.

The switch over to the AV Flex system will mean that instead of using two computers — one to operate the AudioVault and another to operate the DJ’s playlist — shows can be run using only one computer.

“AudioVault is sort of like our robot that takes control when we don’t have a DJ on air,” said Flourance.

The system goes on air when there isn’t a scheduled DJ and randomly selects songs to play. The system also holds the PSAs and other prerecordeded clips. Because the old system, which hasn’t been updated since 2006, was on a separate computer from the log, there was no way of keeping track of songs the program played.

“People are going to want to know the songs that are playing,” said Flourance.

In the old system, there was no way of telling the songs that had been playing during the automatization period, but the new system, which will take about two days to switch over, will log the songs played during the automated shows. Because of this, DJs will be able to identify songs played before their sets.

“We’re here to serve alternative tastes, and the new technology gives us the potential to cater to those tastes,” Flourance said. “It also helps in the long run because it makes people say, ‘They are reliable,’ and, ‘They know what they are playing.’”

The station will train DJs on the new software beginning today, but training will continue into the fall.

In addition to installing new software, the station is in the midst of renewing its Federal Communications Commission (FCC) license, which is something that is done every eight years. A process that all stations have to go through, the license renewal serves to ensure that stations are fulfilling their obligation to the public and community need.

Flourance said that WUSC consults with a lawyer to assist with going through the process, which consists of a lot of paperwork. Among other things, the station must air a pre-filing and post-filing announcement inviting listeners to either contact the station or the FCC with any concerns or comments.

“During this time, it’s extremely important to be mindful of what we’re airing,” Flourance said.