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Airport security takes excessively prying measures

Strong precautions invade privacy

 I didn't mind taking off my shoes or removing all of my electronics and placing them in bins for inspection. It didn't bother me to walk through a metal detector, and I even planned ahead and packed all of my cosmetics and liquids in the less-than-three fluid ounces restriction. I also didn't mind that the monitors scanned my luggage and airport security could see the contents of my suitcase. These security measures didn't bother me because I didn't experience the drastic precautions often taken.

But I witnessed a version of these intense efforts on my way back to Columbia in the Orlando airport when I saw an older man, probably in his late 50s judging by his gray hair, being patted down by security.

The security guard placed his hands in places that couldn't have been comfortable, and the pat down took place in front of all other travelers. Had I been in this guy's shoes, well, he probably wasn't wearing any (I didn't check), I definitely would have felt like my privacy had been invaded.

I'm not sure what concerned security about this guy enough for them to double check. Perhaps they had legitimate reasons, but it appeared like an attempt intended to show the severity of security.

Yes, safety is important and should be the number one concern of airport security. But seeing this man being violated by a security officer didn't make me feel any safer as a fellow passenger. It mostly made me feel uncomfortable and gave me sympathy for the guy.