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Campus construction project sees delay

Women’s Quad renovations to start in summer of 2013

Construction on the Main Street sidewalk outside the Jones Physical Science Center, which had been expected to be finished by the end of September, has been delayed almost two weeks due to inclement weather.

“We have had an enormous amount of rain, which has put us a little behind schedule,” Associate Vice President for Facilities Tom Quasney said in an email response.

Facilities workers are waiting for a 10-day stretch of good weather to pour concrete on the sidewalk and entrance walk outside the building, Quasney said.

The Main Street project was undertaken in June to repair an underground storm drain connecting to downspouts from the building, Quasney told The Daily Gamecock recently. The storm drain, Quasney said, appeared to have sunk over time, causing the downspout to pull away from it. As a result, water washed out the soil and collapsed a portion of the sidewalk, which necessitated repair.

Quasney said the delay had not incurred any extra costs for the $249,000 project, which USC spokeswoman Margaret Lamb recently told The Daily Gamecock was funded from a renovation reserve fund that students pay $40 into per semester.

As for impending Women’s Quad renovations, Quasney said architecture and engineering firms have been “short-listed,” and that construction on Wade-Hampton is not expected to begin until the summer of 2013.

“We will begin interviews soon and select the designer, then the design can begin,” Quasney said. “We don’t have a plan yet since we haven’t hired the designer, but we’ll be looking at a lot of options and ways to minimize the impact of these on our students, while providing an appropriate living experience for them.”