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Raunchy games teach safe sex

Carnival encourages students to always use protection, get tested

A game called Stick It To Me probably wouldn’t fly at the State Fair, but it was just one of several information- and innuendo-laden games at the Get Yourself Tested Carnival Wednesday afternoon on Davis Field, sponsored by Student Health Services, Changing Carolina and the Residence Hall Association.

In Stick It To Me, one student would steady a long stick between his or her legs and carefully try to insert it into a toilet paper roll between the legs of another student. Some of the rolls had names of sexually transmitted diseases written inside them, conveying to students that they should be careful when having unprotected sex.

In Tipsy Toss, students first donned beer goggles, which are goggles used as a teaching tool to mimic the effects of alcohol on eyesight. They then tried to toss NuvaRing female contraceptives around bottlenecks from a distance or place a dental dam, a barrier method used for oral sex, around a bottleneck up close.

In Condom Pop, students tried to pop inflated balloons with darts without hitting inflated condoms. The purpose was to inform students that a popped condom is a losing situation.

The games awarded tickets, which student could use to purchase prizes, including condoms. Aaron Vanderhoff, a fourth-year exercise science student and president of Changing Carolina, said the event promoted getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases. He added the students can avoid doctor’s fees and only pay lab fees to get tested in the Thomson Student Health Center.

Students can find out more about USC’s sexual health services at


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