Student section is appropriately rowdy, obscene

Football is war, no place for ‘Kumbaya’

I’m sick and tired of people trying to tell the student section as a whole to treat opponents with respect. If you’re one of those wild, die-hard fans, you do not have to keep reading. I am talking to those who think football is a time for people  to hold hands and root for both teams.

First of all, have you ever seen a football game? It is a passionate sport where fans feel an extreme connection to their team.

When I scream obscenities at a team that shattered my hopes of the year we had all been waiting for, you can’t tell me I am disrespectful.

We did not earn the respect of sports commentators as being one of the best student sections in the nation by being nice and handing out gifts. We earned it because we affect the other team and fuel our team to victory.

In this warlike sport, the other team is our enemy, and I will guarantee you that their fans feel the exact same way about us. This feeling is not bad, it makes us feel like a part of something.

Gamecock Pride is all about feeling passion for our team. The football game becomes more than just a game on Saturdays, it’s a part of our lifestyle. We want ultimate success, and whenever that success is challenged, we should get angry and a little crazy.

In the first ever Clemson-Carolina game, which we won, the students of each university got their guns and almost started shooting each other. I will always remember that story told in my University 101 class, and I always thought about how cool that is.

If you feel it’s best to show your pride by cheering on our team and say nothing about the other team, that is fine, but just because I get mad and loud, don’t chastise me.

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