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Crime reflects shallow society during holidays

Seasonal incidents show desperation

 After Saturday's game against Clemson, a man was charged with four counts of armed robbery after pulling a gun on four people and demanding their wallets and money, according to an article in The State.

Typically reports show an increase in crime around the holidays. These few instances over Thanksgiving weekend definitely show a decrease safety this time of year. These scenarios also show the desperation people are feeling. It's sad that the holidays, which are supposed to encourage charity, generosity and compassion, ultimately lead to people feeling hopeless. As a result of people feeling increased distress from the holiday season, crime tends to increase and innocent people fall victim.

If society put less pressure on giving the most expensive gifts or having impressive, materialistic items and instead focused on simply spending time with families and loved ones, then perhaps this weekend wouldn't have had an increase in crime rates. Hopefully, as December continues, there won't be more incidents like these. But unless there's a change in the general perception of the holidays, it'd be wise to be extra careful when shopping and out in crowds this time of year.