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USC,Clemson Sigma Nu chapters run game ball for tradition, charity

Fraternity jogs to raise cash for Multiple Sclerosis Society

Around 120 Sigma Nu fraternity members from USC endured a chilly, dark 74-mile run from Greenwood to Columbia in the early morning hours Friday, carrying a football with them for the annual game ball run with Clemson’s Sigma Nu chapter.

Clemson’s Sigma Nu chapter ran the football from Clemson to Greenwood, where members gave it to USC’s Sigma Nu chapter so they could run it back from Greenwood to Columbia. It has been a tradition between the rival schools since the 1970s, according to newly elected Sigma Nu President Will Lawson. They also did it for philanthropy.

“We did it to raise money for the (National) Multiple Sclerosis Society,” said Lawson, a second-year sport and entertainment management student.

Each brother could raise money by selling T-shirts or sponsorship from local businesses — and also by hitting the road with their soles and shoes rather than tires and treads.

“It’s a long night; it takes a long time, but it’s nice raising money for the society,” Lawson said.

Each member would run as far as they could and then rotate to the next person. The others would ride on the bus that followed them along the way as they switched runners. They started their challenging journey around 3:30 a.m.

The fraternity would’ve left sooner, but they had to wait on Clemson.

“We were supposed to meet them at Greenwood about 2 a.m., and they got there about 3:30 a.m.,” Lawson said. “They were a little slower.”

Still, the fraternity reached the Williams-Brice Stadium and completed its philanthropic hike around 11 a.m. They seemed gassed and covered in sweat, but Lawson said everybody felt good about it.

Lawson said the fraternity will keep the ball at its house and members will sign it. During the Clemson–Carolina halftime they’ll present the football.


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