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Sexual assault police report released

Document made public five days after incident

 The report said the incident location was 2000 Greene St., which is the address for Pavlov's, a popular Five Points bar. However, a press release Saturday said the incident reportedly occurred at a residence on Greene Street. The police report confirmed this, calling the location of the crime a "residence/home."

Scott said the victim was underage, and according to the incident report, both the suspect and the victim had been consuming alcohol.

Underage drinking is an issue Scott said he's concerned about.

"Unfortunately, Pavlov's has been the ring leader for underage drinking," he said.

An officer was dispatched to a hospital at 2:31 a.m. Saturday in response to the allegation of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree or "forcible rape," according to the report. The earlier release said that the incident reportedly occurred Friday.

The report said the suspect in this crime hasn't been identified or located.

The suspect was an "acquaintance" of the victim, according to the report, though Scott said that the term "acquaintance" on an incident report does not necessarily mean they were friends, but it also doesn't mean they were strangers.

South Carolina's code of laws state a person is guilty of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree if:

— "The actor uses force or coercion to accomplish the sexual battery in the absence of aggravating circumstances."

— "The actor knows or has reason to know that the victim is mentally defective, mentally incapacitated, or physically helpless and aggravated force or aggravated coercion was not used to accomplish sexual battery."