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Ticketmaster-based system awaits first test this week

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Want to keep your ticket to the East Carolina game on Saturday? Transfer it to your CarolinaCard by 5 p.m. Thursday.

Tickets that aren't claimed by then will be available on Ticketmaster's exchange page for students who don't have season tickets.

An email with step-by-step instructions was sent to season ticket holders Tuesday.

That email was slated to be sent last Friday, but administrators were waiting for Ticketmaster to do some final testing on the system over the weekend, said Anna Edwards, director of student services.

Edwards said the transfer and exchange processes should be straightforward and simple for most students, but she expects there may be some confusion as students learn to navigate the new ticketing system.

"[From] everything that we have seen and the work we have done, it's very user-friendly," Edwards said. "I think students have to understand the process and have to educate themselves."

That means keeping tabs on their account information, knowing how to get to the exchange page and watching video tutorials, she said.

And, Edwards said, students should do so now if they haven't already, because the ticketing office will be hard-pressed to address problems after Thursday evening.

"Friday we will be in gameday mode, and we will not be taking a lot of time to go back and get students' account information that they have known about or should have known about for three months," Edwards said. "We can handle [small problems] when it's downtime, but we're in drive time."

Edwards said she has not seen the ticket exchange page herself, but she expects the process to be clear to students once they log into their Ticketmaster account.

She and Adrienne White, the student ticketing coordinator, said they think it should be fairly easy for students without season tickets to claim tickets from the exchange page.

"There are students already wanting to know how to cancel tickets, so ... there should be plenty of tickets available," White said.

On Saturday, students with lower-deck tickets need only present their CarolinaCards, with their tickets transferred onto them, at one of the four main student gates, and they will be given a general-admission wristband. They won't need any paper documents to get in.

Students with upper-deck tickets must print their tickets prior to arriving at the stadium.

They must present their printed ticket and CarolinaCard at Gate 18 and, because their seats are assigned, will not receive wristbands.

"Our goal is to get students into the stadium as swiftly and simply as possible, which is why we've moved to the CarolinaCard," Edwards said. "Being prepared at the gate, having your card out, making sure it's yours — those kinds of things help move things along on gameday."

First, log into the Ticketmaster system using your assigned account number, or university email address, and your assigned password. This information was sent in an introductory email from Student Ticketing in the spring and in an email sent Tuesday.

Navigating the new system

For a lower-deck ticket:

1. Click on “Manage My Tickets” or “Claim Your Student Ticket.”

2. On the next screen, click inside the checkbox on the bottom left. Then click the “Paperless” button.

3. Click inside the circle below “Step 1,” next to the words “Transfer to My Student ID.”

4. The next step will automatically appear. Use the pull-down tab to select your Student ID Number. Click “Continue.”

5. When a confirmation screen appears, click “Continue” again.

6. A final confirmation screen will appear, and your ticket for Saturday’s game will be on your CarolinaCard. You’ll get a confirmation email, too.

7. To double-check that your ticket has been transferred, go to your account home page. Under the event, it should read, “Ticket transferred to fan card.”

For an upper-deck ticket:

1. Click on “Manage My Tickets.”

2. On the next screen, click inside the checkbox next to the seat number and click “Print.”

3. A box will appear to warn you that if you reprint your ticket, any ticket you’ve already printed won’t be valid; click “OK.”

4. When the next step appears, select “Print Your Ticket(s).”

5. A confirmation screen will appear. Click “Continue.”

6. A final confirmation screen will appear, and you’ll get your ticket in an email, in PDF form.

7. Print it out, and bring it to Gate 18 at Williams-Brice Stadium on gameday.