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5 Must-See attractions at the South Carolina State Fair

Make sure to hit these top draws at the fair

Food While the normal spread of fair foods will be abundant with Polish and Italian sausages, funnel cakes and deep-fried Oreos, make sure to take a bite of the more unique delicacies. This year, the raspberry chicken sandwich is highlighted on the menu alongside fried cheese curds and the Elvis — a bacon-peanut butter-banana burger delight. If you lose that meal after one too many rounds on the Tilt-a-Whirl and need to refill, Doreen Sullivan, president of the marketing and advertising company No Posts Bills, suggests to “indulge your primal side and grab a turkey leg!”  

Animals If the cows are too busy chewing their cud in Abernathy Arena and the camels keep trying to spit on you, take a stroll over to the Commerford and Sons Petting Zoo and check out the elephants. According to the fair’s website, you can even indulge your inner cowboy and “mount up,” but whether they mean straddling an elephant or a pony is unclear. If you’re in a “Farmer John” kind of mood on Sunday be sure to check out the Horse, Donkey, and Mule Fun Day where — at your own risk — you can try to milk a “wild” cow, rope a calf or watch folks race their mules and donkeys. Paso Fino horses will be exhibited today only from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Abernathy Arena, and the youth horse show is on Oct. 21, the final day of the fair.

Exhibits As always, the fair is hosting a number of exhibits to check out when you need a break from the lingering scents of livestock and concessions. The fair has teamed up with One Eared Cow, a blown-glass company in Columbia, to bring a work of art to the Ellison Building. The hand-blown piece showcases nature’s four seasons and will be available to see every day of the week. 

People Ah, the people of the fair! From the farmers to the carnies to the father yelling at his 12 children to “stop poking Ol’ Bessie in the eye!” and “quit tryin’ to straighten out Wilbur’s tail!” the people are what really make the fair something special. With over 500,000 expected to attend, the crowds will undoubtedly be just as entertaining as the fair itself. So while you’re eating an Elvis, take a load off and spend a few minutes people-watching. It may be the most interesting experience you have all year. 

Concerts Last but not least are the array of musicians that will be featured as Pepsi Grandstand acts this year. Acts include O.A.R., Hot Chelle Rae, Boyz II Men, Doobie Brothers, Jake Owen, and several others.



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