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Black Friday shopping for thrill, not deals

Consumerism day big part of holiday season


Black Friday seems to be as big of a deal, if not bigger, than Thanksgiving. Just as the food coma sets in, deals and packed shopping malls beckon the sloth-like shoppers. The deals are undeniable, the lines are unbearable, but the thrill is what wakes stuffed post-Thanksgiving feasters at the crack of dawn.

The thought of staying up all night to shop on any other day seems incomprehensible — the act of a fool on any day except for the Friday following Thanksgiving. However, while the shopping deals are a huge incentive, lately they aren’t the main driving force in Black Friday festivities. The anxious and excited feeling of waiting in the line with your friends for hours, the mad rush toward those 20 TVs on sale — that’s what locks shoppers into the seemingly ridiculous ritual.

Whether they leave with bags full of deals or empty-handed, few shoppers ever complain. Their lists are short, but their energy is high, soaking in the caffeine, brewing in the excitement of the night. 

During my Black Friday experience, I met many people whose objectives were unclear. They didn’t have coupons stuffed in their purses or even color-coordinated maps of the mall. They were there to spend time together and to partake in the annual festivities of the scavenger hunt. 

Black Friday has become a club where being a member is the goal. Luckily for them, the membership won’t cost them a penny — just one very long, crowded and sleepless night.


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