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Citizens should stand together despite conflicts

Halftime show displays binds of patriotism


Saturday’s football game took an extended halftime break to honor the military — those currently fighting, veterans and those who have passed. The show’s elaborate production sparked a patriotic response from the Williams-Brice Stadium crowd. Even with a heated presidential election and a country divided in its aftereffects, fans of the home and visiting teams stood unified. The quiet, respectful crowd painted an excellent picture of how our country needs to be: proud, reverent and unified.

With states threatening to secede after the presidential race, the tension and disagreement throughout the nation is now being compared to the Civil War. The problem is being divided exacerbates the issues everyone is already fighting over.

People have forgotten how lucky we are to live in a country where such strong opinions are allowed. They’ve forgotten that even in times of trouble, we stand as one of the world’s leading superpowers. The halftime show culminated in a representation of all branches of the military, all of the U.S. states and territory flags flying, fireworks, a military flyover and hundreds of balloons.

Despite the few ignorant remarks here and there, the overall emotion in the stadium was pride. It reminded me that despite the disagreements and controversy, we can still come together with our national pride.

The U.S. could stand to take a few tips from the crowd in Williams-Brice. There’s a lot of work to do in this country, but nothing will get done if the efforts aren’t laced with love and admiration for our country.


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