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SG candidates announce platforms

Senate seats open in 7 of 13 colleges


Campaigning for Student Government office officially kicks off tonight for executive offices and student senate after candidates attend a mandatory meeting. So get ready, USC — the posters, the handouts and the candidate visits are back.

In all, there are three candidates for student body president, four for vice president and three for treasurer. Each has submitted a brief platform to SG, which is printed below. They’ve been edited for style and space constraints, but their content is presented below otherwise untouched.

In the senate, fewer students filed to run than there are seats to fill in seven of 13 colleges, meaning a write-in vote could be enough to win. No one filed in the School of Music, College of Pharmacy or College of Social Work.

The open spots are in: education (one opening), engineering (two), music (two), nursing (one), pharmacy (two), pre-pharmacy (one), public health (two) and social work (two).

—Thad Moore, News Editor

Presidential Candidates


Kenneth Bragg, third-year economics student

“I plan on advocating for student organizations to ensure that they use their funds efficiently and prevent funding decreases. I will fight for students’ rights to have a voice in the greater affairs of the University. I plan to bring change to Student Government and help make it more effective. I will prioritize advocation for the improvement of our school’s image by addressing long-standing issues that diminish our image. If you choose me to lead the student body as your president, I will work hard to voice the concerns and desires of students.”

Chase Mizzell, third-year international business student

“There’s a lot to be proud of at USC, but why let that limit our potential for growth? The next step is to continue to build and strengthen relationships within our campus, the university system, the state of South Carolina and our entire alumni network. I believe that those connections are what foster a strong student body, and that by enhancing the interactions among students and in making faculty, staff and administration more accessible we can fully utilize the power of the student voice in ways unimaginable. Don’t be missing from this portrait of Carolina. Be a part of #SomethingGreat.”

Josh Moore, third-year history student

“I am a proponent of students’ rights. I will fight and strive to ensure no student is being treated as a second-class citizen. I will represent and embody the student body and their request. I have served as co-president of the Carolina Surf Club for three years and also have been secretary of Cross Country Club. I will always be open to sit and listen to any concerns voiced by the student body; I will not turn down anyone who approaches me, may it be with concerns or criticisms. I will battle for every individual of Gamecock Nation.”

Vice Presidential Candidates

Ryan Bailey, second-year political science student

“If elected vice president, I aim to help the student body academically, financially and with our personal safety. I want to work with local businesses and the MyCarolina Alumni Association to broaden USC student discounts to the places we go to the most. I also want to work with the faculty senate to help move more of the texts we use in our classes to PDF format for a cheaper and easier academic experience. Most importantly, I want to continue the work I have done as the Safety and Transportation Committee Chairman to complete the Safety Pathway to Five Points and enhance the overall safety of our Carolina community.”

Will Fortanbary, third-year media arts student

“My goal is to solidify unity among the student body by growing leaders and connecting them for the common purpose of developing the Carolina community through a spirit of service and philanthropy.”

Courtland Thomas, second-year business student

“Courtland has connected Carolina since his freshman year, and currently serves as a Bates House resident mentor, Student Ticketing assistant and chairman of Multicultural Affairs. Courtland is excited to: implement SMARTcard meter parking, ‘Take the Carolina Card off-campus’ with student discounts, create a fair student ticketing system and create gender inclusion. Courtland is the most connected and only heavily involved candidate on campus outside of Student Government who is a big supporter of Greek Life Expansion.”

Alex Waelde, fourth-year criminal justice student

“My name is Alex Waelde, and I am running to be your next student body vice president. For over a year now I have already been the voice for more than 16,500 of you guys through the founding of my company DrinkingTicket; now I want to continue to be your voice as an executive officer for our Student Government. I am well in touch with the student body, and when elected I will work with all students, whether on or off campus, Greek or non-Greek, athlete or non-athlete to tackle the real issues such as campus safety, class availability and on-campus dining. I want to help give the students the voice they deserve with administration.”

Treasurer Candidates

Haley Guyton, second-year advertising student

“As student body treasurer, I want to EMPOWER student organizations to develop a community founded on communication, collaboration and camaraderie. This is achieved by encouraging organizations to network, partnering with each other and attending workshops, as well as by informing USC students of all organizations’ events, meetings and ways to get involved. I strive to EMPOWER Student Government comptrollers to be greater resources for student organizations by advancing their training as financial advisers and increasing their numbers. Lastly, I want to EMPOWER organizations to make full use of their allocations and explore options for increased funding by enhancing student organizations’ Treasurer Workshop.”

Caroline Hendricks, fourth-year European studies student

“Hey, Gamecocks! My name is Caroline Hendricks, and I’m a junior European studies and biology pre-med student from Greenville, S.C. This past year I served as president pro-tempore of the Senate and assisted the finance committee with spring allocations. As an SG member for three years, I have gained experience in multiple facets of the organization. This has helped me learn how SG works as a whole and the hard work it takes to keep SG running effectively. My experience in SG and in other organizations has prepared me to lead the comptrollers and ensure that organizations are financed accordingly.”

Brandon White, third-year sociology student

“Hello, my name is Brandon White, and I am running to be your student body treasurer. Having served as both the secretary of Organizational Outreach in Student Government cabinet and the vice president and chief financial officer for Carolina Productions, I have the experience to serve you! I will bring a new outlook to the SBT position with a focus on student organizations and the resources they need. I’m also committed to expanding diversity on campus and seeking out corporate sponsors to help mitigate the financial burden USC students face. I cannot wait to start working with you for Carolina.”