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Summer term good alternative for USC students

Extra semester reduces competition for classes


With an entirely new semester being offered in the summer, USC will be able to offer more options to students when it comes to when and how they take classes. This will be especially advantageous for students struggling to graduate in the normal four-year window and will give them a chance to spread out daunting course loads over another semester.

The option of an entire third semester is a new concept for schools nationwide, and USC is one of the first in the country to offer a summer semester that resembles fall and spring semesters. The benefits are numerous, including the option for students to enroll in courses that typically fill up quickly during the fall and spring semesters. It will also make it easier for students to graduate in three years, an especially tempting opportunity for those whose loans will only grow as their time at USC lengthens.

More than 100 classes will be added this summer, a number that may double if the extra semester is a success, according to The State. There will also be 800 dorm rooms opened to students who decide to stay for the summer.

Though the appeal of spending a summer at school may be limited, this could help students who are unsure of their career path to get a better feel for what they want to study, especially those who have changed their major. And with the volume of students at an all-time high, a summer semester will alleviate the competition for classes and offer a variety of helpful alternatives.