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Students roll out fashion at Project Condom

BGLSA takes top prize in annual sexual health runway competition


The Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Straight Alliance took home top prize at the sixth annual Project Condom competition Tuesday, with a Captain America theme and more than 3,000 red, white and blue condoms.

Second-year international relations student Tori Moore and first-year English student Raven Mathewes secured first place with the outfit, which included a rainbow-colored American flag.

“What better symbol for America than Captain America?” Mathewes asked.

The look, which was the product of about a month’s work, was meant to represent a different variation of sexual freedom, they said; it was meant to represent the need for a destigmatization of homosexual sex.

Last year’s winner, Alpha Phi Omega, came in second place this year, with one of the night’s two Wonder Woman-themed pieces. Third place went to a team from, who created a gladiator.

“It’s about making safe decisions while drinking,” said second-year exercise science student Caitlin Cox of the look she helped create for Changing Carolina. “You can still be safe while sexy.”

The group created the outfit with a Mardi Gras theme and was named the audience’s choice of the night after 284 votes were tallied.

Nearly 400 students attended the event, down from more than 500 last year, according to Carolina Productions.

“It’s always interesting to see what people can do with a found object,” said “Project Runway: All Stars Season 2” winner Anthony Auld, who was one of the hosts.

Auld was joined by USC students, like second-year marketing and management student Courtland Thomas, and Ryan Wilson, the executive director of South Carolina Equality and founder of Project Condom, to host throughout the night.

“I’m always curious to see what other designers do,” Auld said. “It brings back a lot of memories.”

Auld said he’s currently working on building a brand based out of the South. Later this month he will take part in New Orleans’ fashion week and will participate in a fashion show in Paris at the Louvre.

“My schedule for March was kind of crazy but this was something I wanted to do,” Auld said.

Mathewes said Wilson’s involvement in Project Condom’s founding helped inspire BGLSA members in this year’s competition.

“BGLSA started the event, so I feel like it’s one of those events that BGLSA needs to be a part of,” Mathewes said.