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7 USC students, 2 staff members at Boston Marathon safe, treating injured

Program director: Some athletic training students working near finish line

Seven athletic training students and two certified athletic trainers from USC were at the Boston Marathon earlier today when two explosions caused about two dozen injuries and at least two deaths, according to Boston police.

The nine-person delegation was all safe and accounted for as of Monday afternoon and were treating injured athletes and spectators in “outside ERs,” according to Toni Torres-McGehee, graduate director of athletic training education.

The group was split between two tents, one of which was near the finish line, Torres-McGehee said. The other was further away, possibly at the race’s halfway point.

None of the students or athletic trainers had cell phone service besides text messaging, and many were too busy treating injuries to check their phones, Torres-McGehee said.

“It’s pretty chaotic right now,” Torres-McGehee said.

USC’s athletic training program sends a group of students and trainers to the Boston Marathon every year to treat runners. Torres-McGehee went to last year’s marathon and said that the students would not be done treating runners for hours after the race even in a typical marathon.

Torres-McGehee said that the department is currently compiling more information about the students’ and athletic trainers’ status.